Paloma & Maximiliano

Paloma & Maxamiliano
Teachers and Argentinean tango dancers over 20 years experience.

Paloma & Maxamiliano Tango dancers with over 20 years of national and international experience, with thorough preparation in the styles of Salon and Stage (show). Our academic training includes ballet, Jazz and ballroom dance. Our work and style focuses on keeping the traditional tango and emphasizing in the technical work to ensure clean in the movements.
We won several national and international awards, within which are 6 finals in worldwide championship, second place in 2007 (Argentina) and first place in 2008 (South Korea)

Our international tours:
Argentina: Mendoza and Buenos Aires.
Colombia: Bogotá-Medellín-Cali.
Venezuela: Caracas.
Corea del Sur: Busan.
Suiza: Luzern-Seeburg.
Alemania: Nürnberg-Hof-Bayreuth-Plauen-Regensburg-Eichstätt.