Serena Lembach

San Diego, Ca.
Anibal Troilo said “El tango siempre te espera” (Tango always waits for you. This is surely the case for Serena, who first stumbled onto tango during a BsAs visit with a soccer group in 1986.
A single couple all in black on a tiny stage. The music grabbed her soul. The connection and passion was palpable.
Returning home, no tango in sight, sick kids; life got in the way. Fast forward decades. Once she started, she never looked back.
Just as you only know a people when you know their language, you only know tango when you ‘know’ the music. Serena took the love of music to djing and is busy in San Diego being house dj for Toca Tango Milonga, as well as guest djing locally, and milongas and festivals in the western US, Chicago Tango Festival, and Mexico.
She finds joy in seeing dancers embrace the music and grow in their ability to be one with the music.