Getting There

Transportation from Nearest Airports.

Below is some information about flying to San Miguel.

The three closest airports are:

Queretaro (QRO): 54 miles (about 1 hr from San Miguel)

Leon (BJX) 60miles (about 2 hrs from San Miguel)

Mexico City (MEX) 168 miles (about 3 hrs from San Miguel)

Top 7 Low Cost Airlines for Mexico

Transportation from airport to San Miguel are:

Best way is to use Bajiogo Shuttle.

It’s cheap, reliable, and easy to set up on the internet at:


Pay before leaving the terminal. Cost will be $100-$200


Private shuttles run $100-$200 and shared run $20-$40. Make arrangements through San Miguel de Allende Transportation

Rent a car:

Most major car rental companies have locations in Mexico. Google “Renting a car in Mexico” for additional advice.


Mexico has a comfortable first-class inter-city bus system running Mercedes and Volvo buses. Cost will be $10-$50, but I think you have to pick them up from the town center. Google Mexico bus system for information.


An inexpensive way to get to San Miguel from the airport in Mexico City is to go to the bus terminal (Terminal de Autobuses)
in either Terminal 1 or 2 depending on which one you arrive in.  Buy a ticket for the bus to Queretaro at the Primera Plus window.
In Queretaro at the relatively new and spacious bus terminal change to the bus to San Miguel.  Cost: about $30 US to Queretaro, and about $5 for San Miguel.  The bus to Queretaro is nonstop and takes about 3 hours, and the bus from Queretaro to San Miguel takes about an hour and a quarter.  The buses to Queretaro leave more or less hourly, are super comfortable, and have wifi and Brad Pitt movies dubbed in Spanish. The buses from Queretaro to San Miguel are more frequent.  You do not need to take a cab from the airport to the bus station in Mexico City, since there are bus terminals right in the airport.  The return bus from San Miguel stops at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.  Road construction on the freeway can slow down both buses and private shuttles.